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Meet with ZipLine at Outlook Leadership Conference

July 11, 2018, News

Meet with ZipLine at Outlook Leadership Conference 2018 Winsight Outlook Leadership Conference August 19-22, 2018 Terranea Resort Rancho Palos Verdes, CA ZipLine’s Innovation Forum Session: Payment-Gated Loyalty To meet with us at this event please fill out all fields below.

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Zipline CEO, Steve Goodrich, featured in latest PYMNTS ebook

July 2, 2018, News

“Combining payment and rewards, is delivering on the promise of a more positive consumer experience.” Learn what CEO, Steve Goodrich, predicts for the payment industry for the remainder of 2018 in PYMNTS latest e-book. Customer-Centric Payment The concept of payment as part of a seamless enjoyable shopping experience continues to be at the center of…

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Mirabito Partners with ZipLine to Upgrade Loyalty Program

June 1, 2018, News

PORTLAND, Maine – Mirabito, one of the largest convenience store chains in central New York, has tapped ZipLine to enhance and market its payment-powered loyalty program, Mirabito Rewards Plus Debit. Mirabito Rewards Plus Debit is an upgrade to Mirabito Rewards Plus that offers customers an interest-free, debit card experience combined with discounts at the pump.…

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Portland Marketing Executive Speaks at National Conference

May 17, 2018, News

PORTLAND, Maine – Kristen Bailey of ZipLine, a provider of payment-powered and rewards-driven loyalty programs to the retail industry, will be a guest speaker at the Gilbarco Veeder-Root’s Retail & Fuel Technology Conference in Myrtle Beach, South Carolina, this week. The conference is attended by convenience retailers and fleet management executives from throughout the U.S.…

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Cashiering Enters the Mobile Age

May 11, 2018, News

Hand-held devices aren’t just convenient; they are the secured cash registers of the future. By Ed Collupy Looking back, I always wanted the opportunity to checkout a customer using a brass cash register, not just seeing and admiring them like a work of art. My cashiering days started on an NCR Class 5 mechanical cash…

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Convenience Store Innovator Yesway Taps ZipLine to Create and Manage Its New Private Label Debit Program

March 29, 2018, News

PORTLAND, Maine - Yesway, a rapidly expanding and innovative chain of convenience stores located in the Midwest, has partnered with ZipLine, a leading private label debit payment processor, to create, market and manage its new payment program, Yespay™. The program will launch chainwide later this year. Darrin Samaha, Yesway vice president and brand manager, said, "This new program…

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When Gated Payments Open Loyalty’s Gates

March 8, 2018, News

Loyalty is a fickle thing in commerce and coveted by merchants regardless of market. Because, of course, loyalty is the gift that keeps on giving, that keeps dollars coming into registers, virtual ones (and the real ones), and represents a return on investment that can be rather outsized. But without understanding what loyalty is and…

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The Emotion Effect: Taking Loyalty Beyond Rewards

February 28, 2018, News

What makes a consumer loyal? There really is no magic formula, and brands are spending serious money on strategies before truly answering this question. Rewards programs are one big category attracting a lot of attention and dollars, yet they don’t always deliver a payoff. Rewards and loyalty often get merged, but they’re not the same…

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Zipline CEO, Steve Goodrich, featured in PYMNTS ebook

February 16, 2018, News

“It’s important to remember that consumers, not payment, are at the center of the retail universe.” Learn what CEO, Steve Goodrich, predicts for the payment industry throughout 2018 in PYMNTS e-book. The merchant/consumer connection gets emotional A really interesting trend in payments is the gradual melding of product and payment, where the consumer payment process…

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